Standard Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Valve Control System

Bathroom Foot Operated Faucet

Control Hot and Cold Water with your foot!

The Foot Faucet is an automatic faucet system that gives you foot operated faucet control of any faucet. The foot pedals mount in the toe space of your sink cabinet, making your faucet hands free! The control cable is inside the cabinet, the only exposed parts are the levers. The Foot Faucet mounted to the bottom side of the cabinet floor and can be mounted in front of a ventilation duct.

The entire lever assembly is welded and machined from solid stainless steel, this thing is tough! It's made to withstand harsh environments and severe use.


How It Works

Standard Foot Faucet Installation

The Standard Stainless Steel model is designed to economically control the hot and cold water, the standard model does not control the garbage disposal or have a 'latch', the pedal(s) must be depressed for water to flow. The foot pedals are mounted to the underside of the cabinet floor, the control cable can run directly up through the cabinet floor or over to the side first, then through the cabinet floor as shown here. The AC power is regulated down to low voltage DC current for safe use at the foot pedals.

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Standard Foot Faucet Size

The Standard foot pedal assembly can mount in any flat space that is at least 1" x 4". The angle of the foot pedals is adjustable from vertical to nearly horizontal. The levers are made of solid stainless steel so they can be cut or ground shorter at installation if needed. We can also make levers that are longer by special order!

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30 day hassle free return policy - 10 year Warranty

A Foot Faucet kit contains:

         Foot Pedal Assembly

         2 Valves

         Fittings for 3/8" pipe, plastic or metal

         AC power supply


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Optional stand allows the Standard Foot Faucet to be free standing on the floor for sinks that do not have a cabinet. Made from stainless steel with rubber feet, corrosion resistant, water proof. 

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The Foot Faucet is manufactured by Pressure Products   -    or 970141637351

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