Deluxe Bath Stainless Steel Foot Operated Faucet Control

Control Hot and Cold Water with your foot!

The Foot Faucet is an automatic faucet system that gives you foot operated faucet control for the bathroom sink. The foot pedals mount in the toe space of your sink cabinet, making your sink a hands free faucet. The control cable and housing are inside the cabinet, the only exposed parts are the levers. Having an automatic faucet makes the bathroom sink safe and convenient and is a champion water saver.

The levers are made of solid stainless steel and can move in all directions.  The flexibility is provided by high strength urethane for maximum durability and a lifetime warranty! When you take off your shoes the patent pending touch sensor feature allows the gentlest touch to turn it on. The foot pedal housing is made of 16 gauge steel with black powder coat, this thing is tough!



How It Works

Our foot operated faucet systems install on any new or existing sink that have standard plumbing connections. The foot pedals fit in the toe space under the sink cabinet. Foot Faucet valves are installed between the water shutoffs and your existing faucet. The AC power is regulated down to low voltage DC current for safe use at the foot pedals, so risk of electric shock is removed. The levers move in all directions making them 'soft' to a bare toe that might hit one from the side.

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For the times when you are bare foot, the Foot Faucet has Patent Pending touch sensor technology that operates the hot and cold water by just touching the pedal, zero force required. The touch sensor works with bare feet or light socks. The touch sensor works with or without extensions installed.

Deluxe Bath Foot Faucet Size

The Foot Faucet fits in any toe space that has a flat spot to mount to that is 1.875" x5.75". The length of the Foot Faucet levers is specified at time of order. We have some standard lengths, let us know if you need a special length.

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Foot Faucet Extensions $27.50 (Set of 2)

Extensions easily slide on pedals so that they are visible when you are standing at the sink and make pressing the desired pedal a little easier.



The Foot Faucet is manufactured by Pressure Products   -    or 970141637351

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